Competencies Of A Professional Electrician

As a general rule, everyone who is a professional electrician must meet specific requirements and have particular skills that distinguish them from the electricians who are learning or starting in the sector. We are not only talking about services or fault fixes but much more.

Must be able to work both alone and as a team, because if it is a significant breakdown must act several electricians. It is also necessary that he knows how to keep calm under pressure and that he knows how to make decisions for himself, that is, to improvise. He must be patient, flexible and very precise with the repairs he makes since electricity, if it is well fixed, can be dangerous.

Electricity service

A whole range of services is offered to you as well for your needs of residential electricians, commercial or industrial. As you can see, we offer a wide range of your electrical needs. This is why our equipment will meet your requirements. We invite you to consult each of the pages more precisely by clicking on the top tab to guide you in your research.

Residential Electricity Service

Whether for the installation of additional electrical outlet in your condo or to make a change fuse box for a circuit breaker in your home, we can offer competitive prices and speed of outstanding performance. In case of emergency, you can call us to get the help you need. We are located in Quebec City on Bastian Boulevard to be quick in our travels. You also have the possibility of having us work on a fee or on time basis.

Commercial Electricity Service

 You have an electrical problem in your business such as a restaurant, retail, commercial apartment block, convenience store or any other commercial type of building; call our commercial service division to find a solution to your electrical troubles. One of our heavier electricians will be at your home quickly and will make the necessary repairs.

Industrial Electricity Service

 For an oil plan, general industry or a production plant, our electricians have several certifications to meet your industrial needs. Heating cable repair service or grounding test are just a few of our specialties. Call us to know our competitive rates.